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Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking

Amanda Palmer on The Art of Asking.

Amanda Palmer on The Art of Asking.

Excerpts from Amanda Palmer‘s beautiful speech on the Art of Asking, community, and her perspective on Music, Artists & Musicians.

‘I love this kind of random closeness, which is lucky, because i do a lot of couch surfing.’

‘I am gonna give away my music for free, online, whenever possible, and i am gonna encourage torrenting, downloading, sharing, but I am gonna ask for help, because I saw it work on the street.’

‘The real answer is I didn’t make them, I asked them. And through the very act of asking people, I connected with them, and when you connect with them, people want to help you. It’s kind of counter-intuitive for a lot of artists, they don’t want to ask for things. It’s not easy to ask. And a lot of artists have a problem with that. Asking makes you vulnerable.’

‘For most of human history, musicians, artists, they’ve been part of the community, connectors, and openers, not untouchable stars. Celebrity is about a lot of people loving you from a distance. But the internet and the content that we’re freely able to share on it, are taking us back. It’s about a few people loving you up close, and about those people being enough.’

‘I don’t see these things as risk, I see them as trust. They’re the online tools to make the exchange as easy and as instinctive as the street, they’re getting there. But the perfect tools are not going to help us if we can’t face each other, and give and receive fearlessly, but more important, to ask without shame.’

Neil Gaiman

The Sandman - Death

‘Death’ , The Sandman Comics, Neil Gaiman

First book I read by Neil Gaiman was American Gods. I read over 15 books by him since then, and counting!

Those who have a penchant for fantasy will hopefully find a new longing for this unique writer, and storyteller.

Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer

Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer Gaiman

We’re not a perfect couple. We’re just a couple. We love each other and we get on each others’ nerves. She grits her teeth when she hears me tell the same story for the dozenth time. I grit my teeth when she tells me it’s time to go jogging (but mostly I go with her anyway). She loves crowds and people, I like solitude and the countryside. She’ll go through hell to avoid the cold. I quite like it.

But she makes me laugh and I’m ridiculously happy when I’m with her. Unless we’re having an argument. We have great and wonderful arguments.

I don’t think you get perfect couples. At best you get two people building something, and working at it, and loving each other, and doing their best to communicate.

Neil Gaiman on his relationship with Amanda, defying and denying the “perfect couple” label.

Neil Gaiman Quote

Jason French & Desert Flower debating on speaking one's heart. </p><p>Jason French said,<br />'Sometimes you have to set off the bomb early so it won't keep building into something more devastating later. If we all lived in a perfect world things like love would be easy to come by but since we don't we have to let nature take its course for better or worse. All we can do is have love and compassion and show others by example and hope that they follow in that same path. I am a man of faith, but I also follow the chaos theory and what's going to happen will, no matter what we think.'527756_10152158984040045_1717915900_n

The Sandman

The Sandman


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