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‘Grant us, O Beloved.’


This is an unofficial translation that I’ve been working on for a while. It does not even out the original poem that is unique in great depth & meaning, wealth, modesty & sincerity. Not an easy task, I truly hope I managed to capture as much of its beauty as I possibly could, to touch hearts & souls.

This is my gift to you beloveds, the most beautiful prayer written and recited, addressed to the creator of all. A hymn written by the genius at heart & mind, the recently-deceased Lebanese poet Said Akel, sang in the angelic voice of Majida El Roumi. Thanks to the ones who helped me with this, you know who you are.

How I Believe

It’s not enough to be ardent believers in God, we should believe in the world.

‘I believe that the universe is an evolution.
I believe that evolution proceeds toward spirit.
I believe that spirit is fully realized in a form of personality.
I believe that the supremely personal is the Universal Christ.’

Pierre Teilhard De Chardin ~ How I believe (1969)

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