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‘O Beloved, we are locked in friendship with You.
Wherever You may step, we are the ground for You.
In the religion of Love it isn’t allowed
to see the world through You and not see You.’

Rumi, InseparableInseparable

Social Media manual

They say that people on social media fake it all the time, making their lives look better & arousing envy & jealousy. But it doesn’t have to be this way. By that I mean, the level we choose to sink, or rise into. Social media & every other kind of media could be used intelligently/consciously, & not only emotionally &mentally, by sharing and helping filter & circulate information, art & knowledge from around the globe.
All these tools, it is said, all are for the best of humanity. Now what use we make of it, which suffix we choose, use-ful, use-less, is our call really. But you see, if we don’t come together as one, with trust, acceptance, empathy & surrender to one another, we will never be able to rise as one collective community. That will happen the day we stop letting it out on one another, while driving, while walking, while waiting in line, when we stop mirroring our frustrations & anger aiming towards spiritual evolution instead of mental & intellectual devolution, when we start valuing our neighbor’s best interest before our own, when we decide on making a gift to someone, anyone & everyone, just like that, we simply felt an overflow of joy that had to be shared & communicated to another entity. That’s the day, friends, where heaven would have reached this earth.
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The heart & the intellect


‘The intellect works on the level of objective facts and it possesses fifty percent of the truth. And yet, considering its relatively greater importance, the heart, that is to say one’s feelings, what one actually experiences, should have more than fifty percent, because it is far more important to ‘live’ something rather than to learn it or read it in a book. Life is more important than learning. You can, of course, learn many things with your intellect, but they remain superficial and theoretical, they don’t touch the depth of your being. The things you learn intellectually are recorded in your brain, but on a superficial level, so they can be very quickly wiped out: one day they leave and you simply forget them. Look at all the things you have already forgotten about the books you have read. And yet, at one time they were recorded in your brain! Yes, but only on the surface. and whatever remains on the surface can very easily be erased. And now compare that book-learning with something that you actually experienced, something that you have felt and tasted deep down: whatever else happens to you in life this is something you can never forget. It is impossible. Why? Because it is recorded at a much deeper level, at the very heart of your being. (…) The secret of true intelligence is to understand, to feel and then to act in accordance with that broad, deep inner grasp of reality, with that deep feeling that cannot lie.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Excerpt from Man’s Psychic Life: Elements and Structures

Out into the world Nothing feel pray to love

love & death


The Wellsprings of Eternal Joy


An excerpt from the book, The Wellsprings of Eternal Joy, by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov.

‘People who are truly intelligent and knowledgeable are bolder than others. They venture into regions most people never dare to approach, and it is the light that gives them this boldness.
The wiser and more enlightened you are, the more conscious you become of dangers and try not to provoke them, but at the same time you become bold, because you know you can trust what you know. Throughout life, human beings never lose their sense of danger, but this feeling evolves until it is only the fear of transgressing the divine order, of becoming a false note in the cosmic harmony. You may say that human beings aren’t important enough to destroy the cosmic harmony. Well, this is where you are wrong: it only takes a selfish action, a pointless or malicious word.’



There are three things I want to tell you.


The cold wind hits my face like needles, as i walk the cliché lane of looking around, with my once-free heart and mind, free of the pain of the wicked, free of sadness and of tears. Now, as i walk, tears rise up – never misses lately- every time my eyes look upon a human being, the ones who think they own the world, with one too many attachment to be able to move ahead, even one inch ahead seems impossible, from where they are expecting themselves to be. In reality, they’re pulling off one big illusion, and this illusion is losing credibility.

Da Vinci

One way or the other, it’s impossible that, along the way, we have lost our humanity. Even when everything around points to such a radical conclusion, it cannot be. We could have switched off our humanity, very possible too that we switched it off for far too long, to a point where we came to be on ‘auto-pilot’. It looks as if we have made it our purpose to destroy each other… Mistaking this mode for who we are, we tend to forget that we are about all this, this all that it’s about, this life, this timeline, those decades we live, those memories we make, the laughter that echoes then fades away, the tears that always flow, to die, and most importantly to pass it on, generation after another, in love, beauty, and respect of nature, of animals. Those things cited above are of great importance in our physical, emotional, and mental progress. Now that we’ve consumed the heritage our ancestors entrusted us with, we are left with only this pain of existence, this limited sight of purpose, the lack of belonging, of commitment, of word and spirit. Is this what we’re passing on the next generations? Do you ever stop to wonder when and how did we reach such a far-fetched stage of cruelty and inhumanity, toward each other first, then toward all living creatures? Nothing to make those good people who made history proud. Do we really simply don’t care anymore? Or worse, are we really incapable of an unconditioned feeling, emotion, action, or reaction anymore? That makes a lot of generations, and of conditioning.

human race

It looks as if we have made it our purpose to destroy each other…

As humans, we know we’re dying. We also know that there’s nothing that we can do about it. We have in every way violated our lifespan, and throughout history, through time & space, we sadly have reached our culminating point of decadence, and don’t think I don’t appreciate the irony. Is it Man’s way of getting even with Death, by projecting some death in and around him? We sadly managed to infect all life around us. What’s a good excuse to have brought about the dying breath of a planet, of entire ancient mystique forests, of the deep magical waters, and the air? If our death should mean the death of everything around us, then I (not so) secretly wish we’d never be born again, or then be born in other shapes, crawling, or on all fours, and to earn our humanity, all the way again, into a two-legged conscious living being. There will never be a chance of community spirit, of tribe bond, if we don’t change our mindset, and psyche. This will only happen when we decide and commit to look for and find other ways than war, famine, and inflicting misery upon our likes.


There are three things I want to tell you.
Social Intelligence

We’ve had centuries of ignorance, during which maleficent influence and manipulation built up. We’ve seen how far some minds are willing to go for man-made truth. Now my question is, how far are the disciplined & conscious minds willing to go for their own truth? Mere thoughts, on yet again, the Balance of the Universe, the All.


Photo credit/copyrighted Tara Bradford

In the light of the most advanced and dangerous century, I believe it is time to redefine if we must, then to understand what ‘human’ means. It is time that we fully embodied our humanity. That is before entering the tricky realm of spirituality.

There were three things that I wanted to tell you..



Morning Meditation


Morning meditation;

Discern the real from the fake. Even if everyone is doing it. Truer words haven’t been spoken at this time yet. Beware of fake spirituality, it’s become everywhere, and has more supporters than we can count. Beware of accepting thoughts and influences without questioning, not doubting but questioning, and releasing what insults your soul, even when well presented, with seemingly words of wisdom. Guides and teachers are to be venerated and held at high standards, while the rest, those who answer your questions with a yes but, leaving you to ignore your negativity, or to disregard it, the authentic disciplined minds, who have educated themselves, and risen above the collective would communicate to you thoughts of love, and peace, you can feel that by the energy of their wisdom, they’re not here to tell you to ignore darkness or negativity, they show you how to overcome them, to master them, and neither be light nor dark, but become & remain the balance. Yes, silencing the mind is of no use, mastering the thoughts and knowing when to draw the line is what matters. Silencing the mind makes of us yet another sheep added to the herds of millions already formed, consider the mind to be a horse, no more no less. Follow your heart, your humanity, your nature, and the wisdom of those who have proven to be wise. Blessings on these weird times, dear friends. This world is real, and even though some might think that our soul is that point of light animating this body, that we are not this body, but we are this body, at the very least we are this body on this physical plane. This body is our temple, and our vessel, the more we take care of it, the purer and higher connection we tap into.

Here’s a re-post of a friend, Merlin Saint Germain’s yet again, couldn’t have expressed it better.

‘Instead of real spirituality that works, the world culture has become infected with a lot of fake spirituality that does harm – false new age teachings, fake shamanism, fake tantra, and intellectual nondualism. The fathers of the false new age teachings, which reject all the cornerstones of real spirituality, are Aleister Crowley, Krishnamurti, and Osho. The fathers of fake shamanism are Timothy Leary, Terrence McKenna and Carlos Castaneda. The fathers of fake tantra are Sigmund Freud, Willhelm Reich, and Osho. The fathers of intellectual nondualism are a misunderstood Ramana Maharshi, and Eckhart Tolle. Fake new age teachings reject the concepts of a path, a teacher, study, wisdom, science, art, culture, scholarship, intellectual discourse, philosophy, logic, ethics, love, virtue, purity, cultivating a relationship with God, and doing spiritual practises. Fake shamanism falsely asserts that all tribal societies employed psychotropic substances at the core of their spirituality, and that drugs are the only way to advance spiritually. In fact, virtually no tribal societies used any psychotropic substances, and drugs prevent any progress on the spiritual path. Fake tantra involves an obsession with sex, promiscuity, the belief that sex is central to spiritual growth, and the practise of sex magic, none of which are permissible on a genuine and fruitful spiritual path. Intellectual nondualism is the false belief that thinking that the relative world is unreal, or that everything is perfect, or that one is enlightened, or suppressing rational thought, constitutes spiritual perfection, which is completely absurd.’


Morning meditation

The fire that heals, the fire that burns & the balance in between.


What do you think is the secret to life?

I always stop to wonder of life and the essence of it, in and of things. It all has magic in it, it all breathes whispers into my soul. Never fails. Ever. Here I stop again, different as I am at this time and stage of my own life & existence. I stop and observe, for weeks, for months, for a couple of years. Many of those who have accompanied me this far have been changing through events and situations, and so have I, of course. And since we change, evolve or regress that is, in accordance with our close circle of friends, there comes a time, unfortunately, where one of life’s biggest mysteries, or at least to me, reveals itself. I look around to find some of those one’s ghosts lingering around me, although they themselves don’t appear to be there anymore. And through the ghostly remnants, I find myself still holding on to one person or another, feeding energy to our connection, my will of keeping them, and loving them, and nurturing the friendship, or whatever is left of it, does not want to break. It had started, the process decomposing since one, two or more things happened, depending on each event and situation. In some case it is theft, creative & artistic theft, in another it is drainage of energy, and in some cases, it is merely fear & weakness, selfishness, or low vibrational emotions and illusive feelings. Whatever the cause, those who have undergone it, have become ethereal, waiting for me, or someone, to blow them away, away to the wind! While other presences were forming, in my circle of souls, some new, some self-upgraded from old, making everything peaceful, light, and home-like. Even though I struggled, somewhere, somehow to keep those I was clinging to in place, even tried to take it higher, further, until I realized that some things need to be LET GO OF.

Let go of

“Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.”
~ Eckhart Tolle (A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose)

Not just for me, but for all of us.  To clear any possible misunderstanding, this doesn’t mean giving up on the ones you love and the ones who are counting on you, not at all. It simply means that some people have had their fill of kindness –yours? and innocence, and when we see the extent at which they are or perhaps even got corrupted, and despite all the love in the world that we hold for them, decay happens. Decay can happen in many shapes and forms, but when it happens, it is useless to try and delay the process, the best one can do is let it happen, make peace, pay respect, and let it be. When natures grow apart, when people set their differences, doesn’t mean one is right and one is wrong –I am only saying this to remind myself of it- it doesn’t have to be ugly or pretty –Still reminding myself of it- when people cannot debate without a fight, or cannot connect without ‘borrowing’ energies from others, of course without permission, things tend to get unhealthy, with or without the awareness of the being. Automatically this creates an imbalance, perceived by an intelligent aware being, or not perceived by the self-absorbed entity. This imbalance will fall into a breakage in the bond, despite the lingering energies, which at turn will be released or retrieved.


‘If you labor you, are a ‘laborer’, if you work on a farm, you are a ‘farmer’, and if you flow you are a ‘flower’. ~Forest Sage

There are people –like me- who honor human relations, from family to friendship, to couple, to animals, nature, every single living being. Or maybe it is because I am a Libran. We give, we love giving, and when we receive we love receiving. We give with no expectancy of a return or anything of the sort. Yet when we encounter the ones brutally unaware, ungrateful, unkind, untrue, and unjust –I’m not being judgmental, I hope not, some things are too out there for one not to see them! It brings out the fire in us, the one ignited by what’s unclear, what’s unclean, with no god or man given right to be, and since it is in our nature to either defeat what insults our intelligence, defeat it ideally, with all the peace & the love, & the radical self-love and respect, or to burn it forever. I won’t go for the burning, although I was very tempted. I came to believe that the burning should only be for healing, and not for destruction, if you know what I mean. There’s the healing fire, the purple flame, the one that nourishes love, acceptance, peace, forgiveness, grace, or the injuring fires, the one that feeds on ugliness, betrayals, anger & hatred, and all that comes with it of emotions & feelings. If my lesson is to let it be, the decay, the endings, the all that comes with it, they cannot be of me since I know what I am made of, and I will choose not to let them. If my lesson is to let it be, then it’s time to apply the lesson, and may Angels guide me through it, and may it be a most peaceful and loving process.

I will choose today to let go of some people, some situations, all the while striving to remain in the discipline of faith in the divine, patience, forgiveness, and higher love.

The tree of life

‘How does seeing the difference permit unity? Quite simply, because physically speaking there cannot be unity, since the physical plane consists of shapes, and all shapes are different. Unity only exists in the heart. It is a feeling: love. And in love the self disappears: only the other remains.’ ~ Svami Prajnanpad

So, did you figure out the secret to life, or that of death for that matter? I haven’t. Please tell me your story if you have come close to the mysteries. In the meantime, my body parts will keep filling their tasks, and I, will be grateful for every sunrise, every moonrise, without regrets, shame or remorse, but with peace, love & understanding, looking forward to new adventures, new discoveries, lessons, and connections.