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My Dubai 14~15


Good morning sun~shines!

Travel Sky Dive Dubai

The heart of December, bathing in sun~light.

Travel Burj Khalifah

Can’t Dubai without the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifah.


Christmas Snaps & cinnamon rolls!

Happy Feet

Happy feet in sacred spaces.

A few good books too never fail to make good travel companions.

Books Reading

We sleep to time’s hurdy-gurdy; we wake, if ever we wake, to the silence of God. And then, when we wake to the deep shores of time uncreated, then when the dazzling dark breaks over the far slopes of time, then it’s time to toss things, like our reason, and our will; then it’s time to break our necks for home.
There are no events but thoughts and the heart’s hard turning, the heart’s slow learning where to love and whom. The rest is merely gossip, and tales for other times. ~Annie Dillard

Books Reading

A beautiful book, read it!

Sacred Geometry

Prepping for New Year’s Eve under sacred geometry skies.

& off we go camping ..

Sunset, Dubai, Desert, Mountains,

Sunset, on the road to the Desert Mountains.

.. in the rocky mountains with beautiful human beings.


Sunset & the Rocky Mountains of Ras El Khaimah.

Despite the cold yet starry night, those beautiful desert people kept my heart warm.


Photo by Marzypants

‘I prefer the saddle to the streetcar and star-sprinkled sky to a roof, the obscure and difficult trail, leading to the unknown, to any paved highway, and the deep peace of the wild to the discontent bred by cities. Do you blame me for staying here, where i feel that i belong and am one with the world around me? It is true that i miss intelligent companionship, but there are so few with whom i can share the things that mean so much to me that i have learned to contain myself. It is enough that i am surrounded by beauty.’ Everett Ruess

Mountains, Break of Dawn,

The break of dawn. Photo by Farah Stambouly

There’s a fire between us.

Desert Dawn

The Break of Dawn. Photo by Farah Stambouly

“The true harvest of my daily life is somewhat as intangible and indescribable as the tints of morning or evening. It is a little star-dust caught, a segment of the rainbow which I have clutched.”
~ Henry David Thoreau, Walden, or Life in the Woods.

‘For children are innocent and love justice, while most of us are wicked and naturally prefer mercy.’ G.K. Chesterton


Sunrise. Photo by Farah Stambouly

& we found faces in the rocks.


Voila! Do you see it?


Good night star~shines!

Namaste 🙂

Caravansary ~ 2014


Burning Man

My third burn. Moments in photography 🙂

Burning  Man

Playa time

Photos worth a thousand words. That sense of freedom, of expression, anonymity and yet community.

Burning Man


It’s dusty, it’s dry, hot, cold, it’s full of love, and we keep coming back to what we make into and love to call ‘home’.

Burning Man

The Fire Conclave

‘Welcome Home!’ is my favorite greetings of all! It can do magic.

Burning Man

Welcome Home!

One big candle for gathering us home year after year, a happy new burn!

Burning Man

Happy New Year!

And a desert flower, sending love.

Burning Man

Desert Flower


Ah! Home!


Burning Man 2011, Rites Of Passage.

My very first burn! Love shines through every grain of dust, shines in the eyes of every single person you meet, and every adventure only brings you more love, more essence, and more truth. I wished to have more pictures but I was so very much into the experience… I got a few of my own, and others from friends, I hope you enjoy them!

Burning Man

The Sun rises at Black Rock City

Burning Man

A l’aventure! This one is by Yayfuzzy Kaleidoscope

Burning Man

The French Quarter, not in New Orleans, but in Black Rock City

Burning Man

Very first photo with El Pulpo Mecanico 🙂

Burning Man

The Trojan Horse

Leon Botha

My goodbyes to my beloved friend Leon Botha, on the Temple of Transition’s wall.

Burning Man

Breathtaking skies.. always

Burning Man

One day he’ll come along, the Man I love.

Burning Man

The Temple of Transition by David Best

Burning Man

Temple of Transition burn

Burning Man

The Flower of Life, carved in the Temple

Desert Flower, Rites of Passage )*(

Desert Flower, Rites of Passage )*(

Burning Man

Burning Man


Squirting Yurtles

Opulent Temple

The Man

Art car

 Love & gratitude to all the beautiful souls & beings who shared this experience with me, dancing on the playa, riding our bikes, walking in dust, port-a-potty party, thank you for a lifetime’s magical adventures in one eternal week forever engraved in my heart, the temple’s spiritual moments, the dusty parties, the art car rides, the love in the desert, gazing with the angels at the magical moon, and the surreal sunrise, the hugging, the kissing, the crying, the smiling, the laughing, the burning…
Some things that happen on the playa change you forever.. We are so blessed! And I am so in love with a Burning Man, a Temple, a City, and a beauteous beautiful community.


Photo credit Carol Jahshan