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Burning Man sucks.


 Burning Man

It’s burning man season!

Every year i tell myself ‘I won’t be coming next year, for sure.’ And yet so far, I keep returning to that place. Desert people! Furry, dusty, messy, sexy, shipwrecked coconut-hearts: I decided I won’t be coming home this year. So I wrote us a little poem:

Blow a warm dusty smile my way
On a Saturday, when the fire dances and Man falls down in flames,
When blazing ashes rain down on the thousands of you.
Blow a glittery silent kiss my way
On a Sunday night, when all your whispered songs in the temple fly up,
To the wishful fire-lit skies.
Do hug the light, and the night,
And that fire-spitting mean-old octopus,
Scream at him for me:
‘I’ll see you next year!’

Maybe I’ll have goosebumps,
Maybe pink flamingos will come flying by,
And maybe they’ll have some coconut ice-cream..



Caravansary ~ 2014


Burning Man

My third burn. Moments in photography 🙂

Burning  Man

Playa time

Photos worth a thousand words. That sense of freedom, of expression, anonymity and yet community.

Burning Man


It’s dusty, it’s dry, hot, cold, it’s full of love, and we keep coming back to what we make into and love to call ‘home’.

Burning Man

The Fire Conclave

‘Welcome Home!’ is my favorite greetings of all! It can do magic.

Burning Man

Welcome Home!

One big candle for gathering us home year after year, a happy new burn!

Burning Man

Happy New Year!

And a desert flower, sending love.

Burning Man

Desert Flower


Thievery Corporation – Robot Heart, Burning Man 2014 :: Full Set (Free Download)


Positive Vibe Tribe

This year at Burning Man, Robot Heart hosted Thievery Corporation for an unannounced sunset performance. The appearance was a product of three years of planning. Today, to celebrate Thanksgiving, Robot Heart and Thievery Corporation have released the audio from that set as a free download. Enjoy!

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