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Matoom Tea


After a foot massage session in Bangkok, I was offered a very tasty and relaxing tea. I inquired about it, turned out to be Matoom tea, comes from the Bael fruit tree. Of course, I bought a few packs of it, from an old Chinese man and his cat, and brought it home with me. Here are its benefits!

Matoom Tea
The Matoom (or Matum) tea, sliced fruit, dried in the sun, is a tasty, sweet & healthy drink. It has a hard shell, greenish, yellowish russet skin. On the inside, the flesh is bright orange when dried. The cross-sectional cut reveals the beautiful, uniform seed pockets.

Matoom tea

Dried bael fruit is toasted for tea, hot and cold. It’s rich in carbohydrates, vitamin C, pro-vitamin A, iron, phosphorus & calcium. Now brace yourselves, because Matoom tea is effective for colds, is a good way to treat bronchitis, tracheitis, angina, asthma, is also useful for smokers and people with chronic lung disease.

In Thai, มะตูม

Preparation, 1 slice per cup (250 – 300 ml.) Pour boiling water, brew for 5 minutes, then drink it ^.^

Let’s hear what you think of it too!

So I went to Thailand

Thai Bahts

Thai currency – Bahts

Pai 2013 - Caravan Dreams

The lovely mountain town, Pai


Coconut! Must be my favourite drink, had one of those every day for 10 days 🙂

Tree Hug

This tree was looking for it ^.^ Pai

Baan Pai - Caravan Dreams

Baan Pai Village, Pai

Bangkok - Caravan Dreams

Rainy evening in Bangkok

Pai 2013 - Caravan Dreams

The river, Pai

White Buddha - Caravan Dreams

Notice the white Buddha, Pai






Pai 2013 - Caravan Dreams

Grass shot in Pai 🙂

Pai 2013 - Caravan Dreams

…and tea!

The Indian Paintbrush, that same wild flower I saw in Utah 🙂

Indian Paintbrush - Caravan Dreams

Indian Paintbrush flower

Baan Pai 2013 - Caravan Dreams

Relaxing on the porch of my hut at Baan Pai Village, exquisite nature.

Mangkhoot fruit - Thailand 2013 - Caravan Dreams

Mang-Khoot fruit, delish ^.^

Long-Kong Fruit - Caravan Dreams

Long-Kong fruit, delish!

Baan Pai Village

Woke up to this sight, at Baan Pai Village

Bangkok 2013 - Caravan Dreams

Bangkok, rainy morning

Green Garden - Bangkok - Caravan Dreams

Papaya salad, steamed rice, veggies in sweet & sour, not to miss!

Chiang Mai 2013 - Caravan Dreams

Chinese vendor with really good ma-toom tea, and a sleepy adorable kitty cat. Nihao 🙂 Chiang Mai

  Pai 2013 - Caravan Dreams

Pai 2013 - Caravan Dreams






Pai 2013 - Caravan Dreams

Pai 2013 - Caravan Dreams


Took a long long walk in Northern Thailand, a village named Pai. Made my way to endless stairs, the only way to the highest temple. Surreal scenery, amazing memory. Thailand 2013, homemade video.