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Rêverie: the dreamy letters

Flowers, Dried Flowers,

Blue Flowers or Home


Earlier this evening, in one of our conversations, my mother mentioned a couple of letters that I  had once written her. We often wrote letters to our beloveds, a tradition we love keeping. She left me alone in her kitchen, making hot drinks, chamomile for her, a rose infusion for me, came back into the room and handed me a few folded pages. As I gently unfolded the papers, and as the lines appeared written in dreamy letters, all of which I recognize too well, their curves, their openings, and closures, I could smell the dried flowers still in between the folded papers. One of the letters dated 1995, and the other 2003, I wrote the first one when I was 15, and the other when I was 23. The black ink, romantic characters and words carried me into a swoon of a teenager’s expressions and impressions, the fire that burns ablaze in those words burns brighter and still in my heart, and this life has started to make some sense now again. The dreams my sight beheld on those papers, and to my utter relief and belief, have crossed my blessed path, at a time, that not only have I learned it is the divine timing, but I also developed a strong belief and will for it. The furious love, the passionate love inside me kicked into my system, I realize that I have gratefully come to terms with yet another cycle.


I am a strange machine

 After having been infatuated by the beauty of my dark pensées, over our humanity or lack of it thereof, camouflaged identities, false dreams and convictions, artificial actions and reactions leading to artificial lives based on smothered sensitivity and mind tricks, the nuances between the mind that exists within the heart of the all, and the other varieties of the mind, like the one that is directly linked to one’s identity, which is in turn connected to society, and of course influences, and such human salvation and damnation. It can be fun, if you get what I mean, the exploration, the knowledge thus the expansion that follows, mind, heart, body, one expanded faculty is enough to trigger one and even the two others. But the question that keeps popping out is ‘How did I get here, to this edge and I want to jump, find my dive into it, face it, see what more mysteries time unfolds.’ That’s a mind trick, you’re probably right. Still, some questions come with answers to them, and that makes it impossible to lay them to rest, if only out of our slutty egos, some questions, we just have to answer, having a variety of logical, psychological, intellectual, or from life-experience related-facts answers makes it even the more appealing, we want to try this one out, or the other, see what makes wiser sense, see if we can understand human behavior possibly any further, not to understand our selves, at all, no, that is an inside job don’t we all agree to that by now. We try to further our understanding in human behavior to simply be able to identify.

Of which our endless search for gods and deities, and places in time and space.

Time Traveler Bohemian

༺ We are all time travelers ༻

‘I am a strange machine. I travel in different weathers, dusty, dreamy, rainy, or flowery. I travel in different times. Immersed in time, I come to love myself and all other beings, to express loving-kindness, to a neutral attitude, and to a respect of the All, and to the will and the state of events and beings, in and around me.’ This is what these letters whispered, as I breathed in and locked the scent of the dried flowers.

My mother’s musical words expressing the last of her sweet thoughts for the night call me out of my rêverie. I delicately fold the papers as when given to me, and as I hand them over to my mother, I couldn’t help but give her a smile and a nod, I might have bitten my lip a little too. I am satisfied. Thank you Beloved. Only then did it dawn on me how golden some moments are. And how insignificant other moments are, merely wasted on not being golden.

I could tell you more, but then…


The Diatomist


THE DIATOMIST is a short documentary about Klaus Kemp, master of the Victorian art of diatom arrangement.

Diatoms are single cell algae that create jewel-like glass shells around themselves. Microscopists of the Victorian era would arrange them into complex patterns, invisible to the naked eye but spectacular when viewed under magnification.The best of these arrangements are stunning technical feats that reveal the hidden grandeur of some of the smallest organisms on Earth. Klaus Kemp has devoted his entire life to understanding and perfecting diatom arrangement and he is now acknowledged as the last great practitioner of this beautiful combination of art and science. THE DIATOMIST showcases his incredible work.

Soundtrack by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Bernard Herrmann and Cults Percussion Ensemble.

MATTHEW KILLIP is an English filmmaker living in New York. His documentaries have been broadcast on UK television and exhibited in festivals including Sundance and True/False.



‘That which we are accustomed to calling ‘consciousness’ could be defined as the meeting place, the focal point at which all the representatives of our psychic and physical organisms have agreed to convene. (…) You can compare consciousness to a screen on which everything that takes place within a human being is projected. (…) It is essential, therefore, that human beings should be instructed in Initiatic Science so as to become masters of their own consciousness and not allow themselves to be swayed by all the forces and currents that flood to them from every corner of the world, nor even by those rising from their own subconscious. Every single thing that exists possesses some form of consciousness and, depending on its level of evolution, that consciousness is more or less distant from the body. The distance between physical reality & consciousness is greatest in the mineral realm, this is why the minerals are in a state of inertia. With plants, and even more so with animals, consciousness is closer to the physical being. And, the consciousness of a human being dwells within him, and this is why he is a thinking being.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Excerpt from Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov’s Man’s Psychic Life: Elements & Structures.



The heart & the intellect


‘The intellect works on the level of objective facts and it possesses fifty percent of the truth. And yet, considering its relatively greater importance, the heart, that is to say one’s feelings, what one actually experiences, should have more than fifty percent, because it is far more important to ‘live’ something rather than to learn it or read it in a book. Life is more important than learning. You can, of course, learn many things with your intellect, but they remain superficial and theoretical, they don’t touch the depth of your being. The things you learn intellectually are recorded in your brain, but on a superficial level, so they can be very quickly wiped out: one day they leave and you simply forget them. Look at all the things you have already forgotten about the books you have read. And yet, at one time they were recorded in your brain! Yes, but only on the surface. and whatever remains on the surface can very easily be erased. And now compare that book-learning with something that you actually experienced, something that you have felt and tasted deep down: whatever else happens to you in life this is something you can never forget. It is impossible. Why? Because it is recorded at a much deeper level, at the very heart of your being. (…) The secret of true intelligence is to understand, to feel and then to act in accordance with that broad, deep inner grasp of reality, with that deep feeling that cannot lie.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Excerpt from Man’s Psychic Life: Elements and Structures

Out into the world Nothing feel pray to love

love & death


My loving “No” to you | Iana Roy


How beautiful is this poem! Truly empowering words 🙂

My loving “No” to you | Iana Roy.

Dear one:

When I say “no”
It doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

It means I offer you a wall.

I hear you scream
For the wall to disappear
And somewhere my heart hears you
And cries with you.

But as my “no” comes
From a true place of Heart
I will find the courage
To keep this wall strong for you.

And I will pray
That you see it
As an opportunity
As a springboard.

Push it, test it
As much as you want
I will be on the other side
Keeping this wall strong for you

Until you find

The courage and faith
To turn your back to the wall
And find another way
Your luminous and unique way.

And it is because
I know you can find it
That I will wait for you
Somewhere on your new road.

So we can connect again
Way more strong and wise
Even if it is in silence
Only from heart to heart.

Dear one, when I say “no”
It is my way to say:

I want to love you
So much more.

There are three things I want to tell you.


The cold wind hits my face like needles, as i walk the cliché lane of looking around, with my once-free heart and mind, free of the pain of the wicked, free of sadness and of tears. Now, as i walk, tears rise up – never misses lately- every time my eyes look upon a human being, the ones who think they own the world, with one too many attachment to be able to move ahead, even one inch ahead seems impossible, from where they are expecting themselves to be. In reality, they’re pulling off one big illusion, and this illusion is losing credibility.

Da Vinci

One way or the other, it’s impossible that, along the way, we have lost our humanity. Even when everything around points to such a radical conclusion, it cannot be. We could have switched off our humanity, very possible too that we switched it off for far too long, to a point where we came to be on ‘auto-pilot’. It looks as if we have made it our purpose to destroy each other… Mistaking this mode for who we are, we tend to forget that we are about all this, this all that it’s about, this life, this timeline, those decades we live, those memories we make, the laughter that echoes then fades away, the tears that always flow, to die, and most importantly to pass it on, generation after another, in love, beauty, and respect of nature, of animals. Those things cited above are of great importance in our physical, emotional, and mental progress. Now that we’ve consumed the heritage our ancestors entrusted us with, we are left with only this pain of existence, this limited sight of purpose, the lack of belonging, of commitment, of word and spirit. Is this what we’re passing on the next generations? Do you ever stop to wonder when and how did we reach such a far-fetched stage of cruelty and inhumanity, toward each other first, then toward all living creatures? Nothing to make those good people who made history proud. Do we really simply don’t care anymore? Or worse, are we really incapable of an unconditioned feeling, emotion, action, or reaction anymore? That makes a lot of generations, and of conditioning.

human race

It looks as if we have made it our purpose to destroy each other…

As humans, we know we’re dying. We also know that there’s nothing that we can do about it. We have in every way violated our lifespan, and throughout history, through time & space, we sadly have reached our culminating point of decadence, and don’t think I don’t appreciate the irony. Is it Man’s way of getting even with Death, by projecting some death in and around him? We sadly managed to infect all life around us. What’s a good excuse to have brought about the dying breath of a planet, of entire ancient mystique forests, of the deep magical waters, and the air? If our death should mean the death of everything around us, then I (not so) secretly wish we’d never be born again, or then be born in other shapes, crawling, or on all fours, and to earn our humanity, all the way again, into a two-legged conscious living being. There will never be a chance of community spirit, of tribe bond, if we don’t change our mindset, and psyche. This will only happen when we decide and commit to look for and find other ways than war, famine, and inflicting misery upon our likes.


There are three things I want to tell you.
Social Intelligence

We’ve had centuries of ignorance, during which maleficent influence and manipulation built up. We’ve seen how far some minds are willing to go for man-made truth. Now my question is, how far are the disciplined & conscious minds willing to go for their own truth? Mere thoughts, on yet again, the Balance of the Universe, the All.


Photo credit/copyrighted Tara Bradford

In the light of the most advanced and dangerous century, I believe it is time to redefine if we must, then to understand what ‘human’ means. It is time that we fully embodied our humanity. That is before entering the tricky realm of spirituality.

There were three things that I wanted to tell you..