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Bangkok –> Chiang Mai –> Pai

So I went to Thailand

Thai Bahts

Thai currency – Bahts

Pai 2013 - Caravan Dreams

The lovely mountain town, Pai


Coconut! Must be my favourite drink, had one of those every day for 10 days 🙂

Tree Hug

This tree was looking for it ^.^ Pai

Baan Pai - Caravan Dreams

Baan Pai Village, Pai

Bangkok - Caravan Dreams

Rainy evening in Bangkok

Pai 2013 - Caravan Dreams

The river, Pai

White Buddha - Caravan Dreams

Notice the white Buddha, Pai






Pai 2013 - Caravan Dreams

Grass shot in Pai 🙂

Pai 2013 - Caravan Dreams

…and tea!

The Indian Paintbrush, that same wild flower I saw in Utah 🙂

Indian Paintbrush - Caravan Dreams

Indian Paintbrush flower

Baan Pai 2013 - Caravan Dreams

Relaxing on the porch of my hut at Baan Pai Village, exquisite nature.

Mangkhoot fruit - Thailand 2013 - Caravan Dreams

Mang-Khoot fruit, delish ^.^

Long-Kong Fruit - Caravan Dreams

Long-Kong fruit, delish!

Baan Pai Village

Woke up to this sight, at Baan Pai Village

Bangkok 2013 - Caravan Dreams

Bangkok, rainy morning

Green Garden - Bangkok - Caravan Dreams

Papaya salad, steamed rice, veggies in sweet & sour, not to miss!

Chiang Mai 2013 - Caravan Dreams

Chinese vendor with really good ma-toom tea, and a sleepy adorable kitty cat. Nihao 🙂 Chiang Mai

  Pai 2013 - Caravan Dreams

Pai 2013 - Caravan Dreams






Pai 2013 - Caravan Dreams

Pai 2013 - Caravan Dreams


Took a long long walk in Northern Thailand, a village named Pai. Made my way to endless stairs, the only way to the highest temple. Surreal scenery, amazing memory. Thailand 2013, homemade video.