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A beautiful image & text collection, a delight to meditate upon, and or to let it heal. And so it is ♡



‘That which we are accustomed to calling ‘consciousness’ could be defined as the meeting place, the focal point at which all the representatives of our psychic and physical organisms have agreed to convene. (…) You can compare consciousness to a screen on which everything that takes place within a human being is projected. (…) It is essential, therefore, that human beings should be instructed in Initiatic Science so as to become masters of their own consciousness and not allow themselves to be swayed by all the forces and currents that flood to them from every corner of the world, nor even by those rising from their own subconscious. Every single thing that exists possesses some form of consciousness and, depending on its level of evolution, that consciousness is more or less distant from the body. The distance between physical reality & consciousness is greatest in the mineral realm, this is why the minerals are in a state of inertia. With plants, and even more so with animals, consciousness is closer to the physical being. And, the consciousness of a human being dwells within him, and this is why he is a thinking being.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Excerpt from Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov’s Man’s Psychic Life: Elements & Structures.



The Wellsprings of Eternal Joy


An excerpt from the book, The Wellsprings of Eternal Joy, by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov.

‘People who are truly intelligent and knowledgeable are bolder than others. They venture into regions most people never dare to approach, and it is the light that gives them this boldness.
The wiser and more enlightened you are, the more conscious you become of dangers and try not to provoke them, but at the same time you become bold, because you know you can trust what you know. Throughout life, human beings never lose their sense of danger, but this feeling evolves until it is only the fear of transgressing the divine order, of becoming a false note in the cosmic harmony. You may say that human beings aren’t important enough to destroy the cosmic harmony. Well, this is where you are wrong: it only takes a selfish action, a pointless or malicious word.’



My loving “No” to you | Iana Roy


How beautiful is this poem! Truly empowering words 🙂

My loving “No” to you | Iana Roy.

Dear one:

When I say “no”
It doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

It means I offer you a wall.

I hear you scream
For the wall to disappear
And somewhere my heart hears you
And cries with you.

But as my “no” comes
From a true place of Heart
I will find the courage
To keep this wall strong for you.

And I will pray
That you see it
As an opportunity
As a springboard.

Push it, test it
As much as you want
I will be on the other side
Keeping this wall strong for you

Until you find

The courage and faith
To turn your back to the wall
And find another way
Your luminous and unique way.

And it is because
I know you can find it
That I will wait for you
Somewhere on your new road.

So we can connect again
Way more strong and wise
Even if it is in silence
Only from heart to heart.

Dear one, when I say “no”
It is my way to say:

I want to love you
So much more.

Gibran Khalil Gibran

Were you still alive on this plane of existence…
Happy Remembrance day to one beautiful soul, alchemist, philosopher, sage, and human being. Gibran Khalil Gibran. May you ever protect and watch over our beloved home, Lebanon, with your love, wisdom, and truth.

Gibran Khalil Gibran
January 6, 1883 – April 10, 1931

 Gibran Khalil Gibran January 6, 1883 - April 10, 1931 'For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun? And what is it to cease breathing but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?'

Gibran Khalil Gibran
January 6, 1883 – April 10, 1931
‘For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun? And what is it to cease breathing but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?’


murmure du silence, khalil gibranMurmure du silence (whispers of silence) Painting by Gibran Khalil Gibran

Do not love half lovers
Do not entertain half friends
Do not indulge in works of the half talented
Do not live half a life and do not die a half death
If you choose silence, then be silent
When you speak, do so until you are finished
Do not silence yourself to say something
And do not speak to be silent
If you accept, then express it bluntly
Do not mask it
If you refuse then be clear about it 
for an ambiguous refusal
is but a weak acceptance
Do not accept half a solution
Do not believe half truths
Do not dream half a dream
Do not fantasize about half hopes
Half a drink will not quench your thirst
Half a meal will not satiate your hunger
Half the way will get you no where
Half an idea will bear you no results
Your other half is not the one you love
It is you in another time yet in the same space
It is you when you are not
Half a life is a life you didn’t live,
A word you have not said
A smile you postponed
A love you have not had
A friendship you did not know
To reach and not arrive
Work and not work
Attend only to be absent
What makes you a stranger to them closest to you
and they strangers to you
The half is a mere moment of inability
but you are able for you are not half a being
You are a whole that exists
to live a life not half a life

kamilah, gibran's mother

Kamilah, Khalil Gibran’s mother.

‘Your children are not your children, they are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They come through you but are not from you, and though they are with you yet they belong not to you.’

 Sketch for Jesus the Son of Man, ca. 1923.

Sketch for Jesus the Son of Man, ca. 1923.

‘Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors. But today we kneel only to truth, follow only beauty, and obey only love.’

Marianna, Gibran's sister, painted by Khalil Gibran

Marianna, Gibran’s sister, painted by Khalil Gibran

‘Do not be frightened, for I am now Truth, spared from swords and fire to reveal to the people the triumph of Love over War. I am Word uttering introduction to the play of happiness and peace.
Then the young man became speechless and his tears spoke the language of the heart; and the angels of Joy hovered about that dwelling, and the two hearts restored the singleness which had been taken from them.
At dawn the two stood in the middle of the field contemplating the beauty of Nature injured by the tempest. After a deep and comforting silence, the soldier said to his sweetheart, “Look at the Darkness, giving birth to the Sun.” ‘

Rest in Peace, جبران خليل جبران‎