Desert Flower

Welcome Home!

Dreaming & doing. My tribe calls me Desert Flower, or Mia. I am a bohemian at heart, casting director, traveler, writer, hula hoop dancer & instructor, addicted to music, and enjoy making videos, I could make hats, outfits, and art, lots of art actually and some drawings. As you can see, there’s a handful of passions that kindle my flame and keep it burning, add to that tea, crystals, theories & philosophies, and of course being with my tribe…!  I love intelligent writing, beings with tact and awareness, kindness, social intelligence, and radical self love and fellow love, as well.
Enjoy meeting me, meeting you through this page. Who knows, maybe in time, i will manage to tell you a beautiful story, one that will brighten up many dark days, and give healing and uplifting energies, and just maybe at the end of my service, and lifetime, find a joyful serene ending. Greetings my friend, and welcome to my caravan dreaming, in all the voyages, adventures, tribe-life and connections, contemplation and experiences, I wish us all to find home.


Desert Flower, Mia ༄

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    • You write beautifully sensitive & intelligent poetry, Ihsan, I enjoyed reading some of your poems, and looking forward for more 🙂 Thank you for your greeting, it is nice to meet you as well 🙂


  1. Hello Mia, beautiful Desert Flower. Thank you for sharing my poem “My loving ‘no’ to you” on your inspiring blog. Please continue to share your art with the world. Many blessings on your path!


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