The Flower of Life


Certain superficial mistakes I can tolerate. But when it comes to the timeless values such as honesty, authenticity, loyalty, humanity, gratitude, justice, and politeness, and self and other respect, I am very much radical.

You can violate ideas, pretend to have the know-how, but don’t go fooling yourself thinking that you have access to the primal inspiration. You can steal life but don’t go believing that you have the breath for it. You can acquire high knowledge and epic beauty without necessarily coming to fruition. So don’t go acting out loud that any of it is of use to mankind, or glory to the Beloved without the disciplines needed to make the gold.

These disciplines start with me and you, who understand, accept and practice the above.

‘All that call themselves alchemists are not therefore necessarily true possessors of the Stone. For, as in other branches of knowledge, there are found many different schools and sects, so all that are in search of this precious Tincture are called alchemists, without necessarily deserving the name.’


Flower of Life

Namaste beloveds

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