My loving “No” to you | Iana Roy


How beautiful is this poem! Truly empowering words 🙂

My loving “No” to you | Iana Roy.

Dear one:

When I say “no”
It doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

It means I offer you a wall.

I hear you scream
For the wall to disappear
And somewhere my heart hears you
And cries with you.

But as my “no” comes
From a true place of Heart
I will find the courage
To keep this wall strong for you.

And I will pray
That you see it
As an opportunity
As a springboard.

Push it, test it
As much as you want
I will be on the other side
Keeping this wall strong for you

Until you find

The courage and faith
To turn your back to the wall
And find another way
Your luminous and unique way.

And it is because
I know you can find it
That I will wait for you
Somewhere on your new road.

So we can connect again
Way more strong and wise
Even if it is in silence
Only from heart to heart.

Dear one, when I say “no”
It is my way to say:

I want to love you
So much more.

Your thoughts are welcome!

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