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How I Believe

It’s not enough to be ardent believers in God, we should believe in the world.

‘I believe that the universe is an evolution.
I believe that evolution proceeds toward spirit.
I believe that spirit is fully realized in a form of personality.
I believe that the supremely personal is the Universal Christ.’

Pierre Teilhard De Chardin ~ How I believe (1969)

Take me home


Today, my love,


Today, my love, I am too tired to write for you. You will find in your heart a letter, several pages, full of silence. Read it slowly. The light of this day wrote it for me. In it, it is just about you and the rest coming to me each time I look to you, far away, hundreds kilometers from here.

Christian Bobin

The Wolves of Midwinter

It was a chilly morning in Dubai, that morning when I went for a walk. I found my way to the bookstore, for Anne Rice‘s Wolf Gift Chronicles.

It was chilly that morning, when I stayed in a hotel room, staring at the title of the books. The Wolf Gift & The Wolves of Midwinter. Then I turned the cover unto the first pages to these words that danced me into deserts & suns, and dreams came with winter’s winds…

The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice