A Sunday Observation


I can’t hold it in anymore.

People are taking themselves seriously & everything personally.


“My thoughts . . . are from the abundance of my heart” ~Thomas De Quincey

It has become an achievement for someone, to get a message through, without a clash, a fight engaged by the other, a rejection, a need for justification, or a guilt-trip, which the other does not lack to express, make obvious, careless of losing before themselves self- decency & self-respect to anger or quick unbalanced reactions. This is being addressed to the loved ones who from close or far (still) feel the need to play victims (or kings), and give in to weaknesses of the mind & heart, and the many different personas one can take and have, and who actually do give in! I don’t know if you’ve heard, this practice has expired. This practice has been outdated. The new practice is something of an upgrade, one that we’ve been undergoing and have been adapting to. A higher consciousness. Yes, you probably heard about it, and yes it might seem a little too far-fetched. Yet we have been upgraded, call it the divine, or call it evolution, matters little since this is bound to happen and did, as above so below. The simple upgrade of our awareness, which after being restarted/awakened is bound to keep up with the pace of the times. Define it as you please, as it resonates best with your souls, but hear it. Listen, and let it happen. This is what makes the old tactics expired. They just won’t work anymore, although they could very well create a gap between you & a few ones who actually do care for you, your evolution, sanity, health, connections, and so on and so forth. Most of humanity now sees what they couldn’t admit before, the connectivity, the sensitivity, the compassion, and why not now that we have come to see how it affects the collective & the global simpler & yet higher ways of living. Very soon, those who have become aware & are practicing these disciplines in many ways, who have embodied their higher selves with both faith & understanding, will choose to not handle with kid gloves those ones hiding behind ‘sensitive’ to create conflict or other. We are all sensitive, aren’t we? Yet there are those who choose intelligently sensitive, and those who choose emotionally and mentally sensitive. Discern, sensitivity doesn’t make us weak, reactive, scared, nervous, unstable, moody, it makes us vulnerable, receptive, compassionate, empathetic, never weak. Sensitivity is not an excuse to make, not anymore, when we allow any & every fleeting (sometimes vulgar) external energy or thought form to affect us, positively or negatively -or the balance between. Sensitivity is the excuse for being at our defenses, since now we know, from experience, and observation that every opportunity (coincidence, chance, cruise, grocery shopping, love, friendships, work, cab drivers, noise, art, etc…) presents itself for us to defeat our old misinformed (dare-i-say) practices. This opportunity is triggered by anything & anyone (a person, a friend, a stranger, an animal,  maybe very well an event, a situation, a memory, as it can very well be money, and all that money can buy too).


There are a few others who speak my language, there has to be 🙂  Some of us actually do care, and are way too sensitive not to attempt doing anything about it. Not out of ego, but out of LOVE. Unconditional radical Love. You see, when we speak a truth or two, when we see & seek change for the higher living & community in us and around us, and best yet, to bring it out by assisting in any possible way, it’s because we sought after it and found it, experienced it, and saw live. It is a possibility and a probability, if we all worked on it together, each disciplining their own self first and last. Some have been cultivating our minds for a long time, hearts & souls, and information, under all its forms, cannot manifest if not applied & practiced, turning into a discipline. To those who are facing difficulties asking and receiving abundance of any kind, please work on your disciplines, or at the very least, your ability of discernment. Understand & apply when to calm down your mind & thoughts & previous experiences & fears & worries, obsessions & paranoia, calm them down by all means, and please try to listen to your heart. Not for our sake, not for God’s, but for your own sake!  You might find yourself looking into self-respect, self-honesty, and self-acceptance/love first.

Today we are all human

It is too early to get carried away by saying such things ‘Your own sake being my own sake, and my own sake being your own sake’. We’ll hopefully be guided & assisted there, one day, in this lifetime of ours?

Mother Mary ~ Buddha

For now, let me just say…


Your thoughts are welcome!

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