Morning Meditation


Morning meditation;

Discern the real from the fake. Even if everyone is doing it. Truer words haven’t been spoken at this time yet. Beware of fake spirituality, it’s become everywhere, and has more supporters than we can count. Beware of accepting thoughts and influences without questioning, not doubting but questioning, and releasing what insults your soul, even when well presented, with seemingly words of wisdom. Guides and teachers are to be venerated and held at high standards, while the rest, those who answer your questions with a yes but, leaving you to ignore your negativity, or to disregard it, the authentic disciplined minds, who have educated themselves, and risen above the collective would communicate to you thoughts of love, and peace, you can feel that by the energy of their wisdom, they’re not here to tell you to ignore darkness or negativity, they show you how to overcome them, to master them, and neither be light nor dark, but become & remain the balance. Yes, silencing the mind is of no use, mastering the thoughts and knowing when to draw the line is what matters. Silencing the mind makes of us yet another sheep added to the herds of millions already formed, consider the mind to be a horse, no more no less. Follow your heart, your humanity, your nature, and the wisdom of those who have proven to be wise. Blessings on these weird times, dear friends. This world is real, and even though some might think that our soul is that point of light animating this body, that we are not this body, but we are this body, at the very least we are this body on this physical plane. This body is our temple, and our vessel, the more we take care of it, the purer and higher connection we tap into.

Here’s a re-post of a friend, Merlin Saint Germain’s yet again, couldn’t have expressed it better.

‘Instead of real spirituality that works, the world culture has become infected with a lot of fake spirituality that does harm – false new age teachings, fake shamanism, fake tantra, and intellectual nondualism. The fathers of the false new age teachings, which reject all the cornerstones of real spirituality, are Aleister Crowley, Krishnamurti, and Osho. The fathers of fake shamanism are Timothy Leary, Terrence McKenna and Carlos Castaneda. The fathers of fake tantra are Sigmund Freud, Willhelm Reich, and Osho. The fathers of intellectual nondualism are a misunderstood Ramana Maharshi, and Eckhart Tolle. Fake new age teachings reject the concepts of a path, a teacher, study, wisdom, science, art, culture, scholarship, intellectual discourse, philosophy, logic, ethics, love, virtue, purity, cultivating a relationship with God, and doing spiritual practises. Fake shamanism falsely asserts that all tribal societies employed psychotropic substances at the core of their spirituality, and that drugs are the only way to advance spiritually. In fact, virtually no tribal societies used any psychotropic substances, and drugs prevent any progress on the spiritual path. Fake tantra involves an obsession with sex, promiscuity, the belief that sex is central to spiritual growth, and the practise of sex magic, none of which are permissible on a genuine and fruitful spiritual path. Intellectual nondualism is the false belief that thinking that the relative world is unreal, or that everything is perfect, or that one is enlightened, or suppressing rational thought, constitutes spiritual perfection, which is completely absurd.’


Morning meditation

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