I am that I am.


There is a divine haven of peace & harmony within us somewhere, all of us. And even though at times, it might be difficult to tap into this peace & harmony, it is possible to do so, anywhere and at anytime. If you believe that the outer world is a reflection of the inner one, then in fact, one of the surest ways to experience rapid spiritual growth, is to embrace what the outer mirror shows us If what it shows us looks hectic, maybe crazy or cluttered, or busy, then what is that telling us about ourselves?
The greatest discipline & gift we can ever give ourselves is self honesty. With honesty about what we see, the unraveling will begin all by itself. We can assist the process of inner purification & raising our vibration. The old has to perish & die, make no exception when you know that certain things, sometimes a lot of them, need be cleared-out & let go of, for your soul to finally be able to breathe.
Most of the time we are more ready to let go of than we think, or want to believe. What is a spiritual journey if not the process of letting go of all of the blockages and distortions within you, to embody the higher you fully?

Blessings to you & me beloveds.


I am that I am

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