Ah! Home!


Burning Man 2011, Rites Of Passage.

My very first burn! Love shines through every grain of dust, shines in the eyes of every single person you meet, and every adventure only brings you more love, more essence, and more truth. I wished to have more pictures but I was so very much into the experience… I got a few of my own, and others from friends, I hope you enjoy them!

Burning Man

The Sun rises at Black Rock City

Burning Man

A l’aventure! This one is by Yayfuzzy Kaleidoscope

Burning Man

The French Quarter, not in New Orleans, but in Black Rock City

Burning Man

Very first photo with El Pulpo Mecanico 🙂

Burning Man

The Trojan Horse

Leon Botha

My goodbyes to my beloved friend Leon Botha, on the Temple of Transition’s wall.

Burning Man

Breathtaking skies.. always

Burning Man

One day he’ll come along, the Man I love.

Burning Man

The Temple of Transition by David Best

Burning Man

Temple of Transition burn

Burning Man

The Flower of Life, carved in the Temple

Desert Flower, Rites of Passage )*(

Desert Flower, Rites of Passage )*(

Burning Man

Burning Man


Squirting Yurtles

Opulent Temple

The Man

Art car

 Love & gratitude to all the beautiful souls & beings who shared this experience with me, dancing on the playa, riding our bikes, walking in dust, port-a-potty party, thank you for a lifetime’s magical adventures in one eternal week forever engraved in my heart, the temple’s spiritual moments, the dusty parties, the art car rides, the love in the desert, gazing with the angels at the magical moon, and the surreal sunrise, the hugging, the kissing, the crying, the smiling, the laughing, the burning…
Some things that happen on the playa change you forever.. We are so blessed! And I am so in love with a Burning Man, a Temple, a City, and a beauteous beautiful community.


Photo credit Carol Jahshan


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